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Dosage and administration of various forms of Zovirax


Zovirax is assigned to each patient individually and the dose is directly determined by the severity of existing disease. In the case of some infectious diseases of the skin or mucous membranes, which were caused by first or second type herpes virus, for children older than two years, as well as for adults - this medicine is prescribed in an amount of two hundred milligrams five times a day. The course of treatment is five days. In more severe pathology patients should increase not the dose, but duration of therapy.

In the fight against infectious diseases that were caused by a virus eelgrass, for adults Zovirax is recommended in 800 milligrams five times a day for 7 - 10 days. Children older than two years are prescribed Zovirax in twenty milligrams per kilogram of body weight four times a day for five days. Patients with herpes zoster should be given medication for eight hundred milligrams four times a day. The course of treatment is five days. The dose of Zovirax in this case is the same for adults and children over six years. Children from two to six years are prescribed four hundred milligrams four times a day. If the child is less than two years, then you can give him up to two hundred milligrams of the drug four times a day.

To prevent recurrence of infections that occur as a result of effects on the herpes virus, Zovirax is administered to two hundred milligrams four times a day.

As for creams and ointments of Zovirax, so, they should be applied to the affected area five times a day. Course of therapy is five - ten days.


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